Matt Meachem is a Sound Designer, Sound Recordist and Sound Editor based based in the Midlands. He developed an interest in sound from an early age; recording bands and any sounds he could find around the house on a tape recorder. He has worked on various sound projects for the last 5 years encompassing recording and mixing bands, to teaching children theatre sound. He is due to graduate a degree in Sound Technology at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts this year in September. Throughout his degree he has begun building a professional portfolio in the form of short films, sound FX recordings and interactive sound design.

During the last 3 years he has also been specializing his skills in audio post-production and games sound. He is actively passionate about sound; from sourcing, recording and editing sound effects to making Flash games focused on interactive sound and developing audio tutorials.

He works as an Audio Editor for ‘Arrowhead Audio’ a sound effects company, sourcing, recording and editing sound effects. Whilst working alongside another Sound Designer they create large sample packs for use within films and games. He also works on building his own personal sound effects library, out in the field and in the studio, for any future sound design projects.

Matt plans to pursue a career as an Audio Designer for games while also exploring sound design for post-production. He is interested in all aspects of audio for films such as; sound design, location recording, audio editing and surround sound mixing. This strong passion for sound allows him to create, innovate and implement audio to the high standards of any production he is involved with.

You can contact Matt Meachem on meachem.m@gmail.com


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